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Are you looking for a MP3 Player that loops high quality audio, Controls an output and has multiple uses with nearly zero setup time? Introducing the 100% assembled and tested Mp3 Sync. No coding, soldering , Or over priced gear here. We want to make special effects less complicated and more accessible to everyone.

The MP3 Sync is a small MP3 module that loops audio, Triggered play with output control, or be controlled by the Octopill/button banger system. Load MP3 files onto any MicroSD card and plug it in. Get ready to output high quality effects, songs, & sounds to any powered stereo speaker system & effect of your choice.

The Fatal Mentality Team helps run local haunted attractions around the Bay Area (Because we love it). When we run into issues/problems on the field we come up with solutions. The MP3 Sync is one of them; we went from taking 20-30 minutes on ladders, crawling under sets & putting up with the cheap MP3 player menus to exclusively using MP3 Sync for background audio, triggered scare effects, set overlay, & sound FX because the ease of use.

Now we power the show and focus on whats important. Knowing that all the audio is going to continue working season after season.

Practical Uses

  • Triggered Effects

  • Museum Exhibits

  • Atmospheric Audio

  • Escape Room Sound FX

  • Background Music

  • Looping audio tracks/playlist

  • Cosplay Audio FX

  • Whatever your creative mind creates!


  • Supported sampling rates (KHz): 8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48

  • 24-bit DAC output, support for dynamic range 90dB, SNR support 85dB

  • Fully supports FAT16, FAT32 file system, Maximum support 32G TF card, support 32G of U disk, 64m bytes NORFLASH

  • Audio data sorted by folder, supports up to 100 folders, every folder can hold up to 255 songs

  • Powered by 12 to 24v

  • Easy MP3 Loop with a flick of a switch

  • OctoPill/Button Banger system control

  • Triggered MP3 with a single channel relay output (Must have a relay that supports High/Low trigger.)

Package Contents

  1. QTY: 1 FM Assembled MP3 Sync (Assembled & Make-N-Take Kits Available.)

Not Included/ Needed to work

  • TF Micro SD Card
  • Powered Speakers
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Triggered Output: Single Channel Relay that supports High/Low triggers. (Relay will only work when set to low trigger by design.)

More information coming soon.

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