Octopill Kit Setup

Have no idea how to solder? Watch this video and gain some insight on the art of soldering!



Small Parts First

1. Solder the 4 pin Play Button

 2. Solder the 3 Pin header.

 3. Solder the 3 position switch in place.

NOTE: It will seem like the switch does not fit. This is by design, separate the pins and slide it into place applying some pressure while soldering the center pin then the remaining two. 

Relay 10 Pin header

1. Slide the 10 pin header onto your relay module.

2. Solder the first and last pin checking that the header is level with the board.

3. When the header is in the proper placement finish soldering the remaining points.

 Arduino Nano 15 pin Header(s)

1. Align 15 pin header(s) onto the Octopill 

2. Solder the first and last points on both sides.

IMPORTANT: Verify the level of the headers before continuing. If your headers are not level with the PCB the Arduino Nano will not fit correctly. Simply add heat to the joints and move as needed.

3. Take your time and solder from the outside to avoid melting the plastic. 

MP3 4 Pin Header


1. Align the 4 pin header and solder one of the two center pin’s.

2. Check that the header is level and solder the remaining pins.


1. Align the 2 Pin terminal block insuring that its level with the PCB the Trigger solder-mask should be visible.

2. Finish soldering the last two points on the board.

3. Enjoy your new controller!